CallHome Realty Network Inc.

Shirley Near, Broker of Record




CallHome Realty Network encourages their Associates to refer listings and prospective buyers to active real estate agents. Prospects can be referred to the office and agent of their choice.

  • Associates are not encouraged to list properties, as CallHome Realty is not set up to properly serve sellers.
  • Associates may be involved in selling properties, subject to the control and knowledge of the Broker of Record, Shirley Near.
  • Associates are not members of any real estate board, but are active licensed agents subject to the same educational requirements and regulations under the Real Estate & Business Brokers Act.
  • Your information is strictly confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Want to become a CallHome Realty Associate? Please ask your broker to complete the Notice of Employee Transfer Form and email it to CallHome Realty.

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Associates receive 70% of the first three transactions that are paid through CallHome Realty, and after three have been paid to the associate, they will recieve 80% of the earned referral commissions or commissions thereafter.

Terms of Association:The associate is registered and subject to the control of the Broker of Record, and agrees to be covered by all terms of employment policies; directions and regulations as may be put into effect by CallHome Realty Network Inc. from time to time.Associates are treated as independent contractors and are responsible for their own Income Tax and Canada Pension remittances, and are not eligible for Employment Insurance.

Associates may keep their HST number and remit their own HST or the CallHome Realty will remit the applicable HST on any commissions received.

For more information on terms of association with CallHome Realty, please fill our Contact Form.


Associates pay an annual fee of $200.00 (non-refundable) each year to CallHome. This fee includes the HST of  $23.01. Associates pay their own licensing fees and Errors & Ommissions Insurance premiums as required by the Real Estate Council of Ontario. For more information visit RECO's page.

Associates are responsible for any legal costs, losses or claims that may result from their actions in any real estate transaction in which they may be involved.

For more information on fees and the costs of being a licensed Broker or Real Estate Salesperson with CallHome Realty, please fill out our Contact Form.